Case of the month

This page gives an entry point to a wide variety of material that will either allow the introduction of 'entities' not covered elsewhere in the site, introduce additional examples of conditions already covered or alternatively explore various practice points.

The pages are structured to allow the reader to think about the case before revealing the working diagnosis and to integrate the case with relevant pages elsewhere in the site.

An 'Index' is provided below if you wish to start with a particular diagnosis and take it from there

Case of the Month

Dec 2007 - Almost a misdiagnosis!

Nov 2007 - An uncommon finding in an axillary lymph node

Oct 2007 - An uncommon complication of radiotherapy

Sep 2007 - An unusual cause of breast thickening in a young woman

Aug 2007 - An uncommon tumour in a middle aged woman

July 2007 - A lump in a young woman's breast - more history would help!

June 2007 - A testing core biopsy

May 2007 - An uncommon variant of a common condition

Apr 2007 - An unusual FNA

Mar 2007 - A diagnostic dilemma

Feb 2007 - A very uncommon lesion, particularly in an adult

Jan 2007 - A longstanding clinically benign lump in a 50 year old man

Dec 2006 - A recurrent lesion in a 50 year old woman

Nov 2006 - A clinically suspicious mass in a 35 year old woman

Oct 2006 - An uncommon combination

Sep 2006 - A tumour of considerable topical interest

Aug 2006 - A challenging differential diagnosis

July 2006 - A tricky core biopsy