This is part 2 of the more common benign causes of breast microcalcification. These are new examples of the conditions in question - more can be found on the relevant 'benign' pages elsewhere on the site and cross-links are given frequently.

Old fibroadenomas

See also Fibroadenomas.

Mammmogram - old fibroadenomas - calcs
Mammogram showing cluster of calcified old fibroadenomas - Courtesy of Jim Walsh & Pat Forrest

Old fibroadenoma - calcs
Old fibroadenoma with numerous coarse stromal calcs

Old fibroadenoma - stromal coarse calcs Old fibroadenoma - detail from mammogram
Old fibroadenoma - detail of coarse stromal calcs (left) and detail from mammogram (right)

Intraduct papillomas

See also Intraduct papillomas.

Old fibroadenoma - calcs
Intraduct papilloma with numerous coarse stromal calcs - specimen x ray

Intraduct papilloma Intraduct papilloma
Partly sclerosed multicentric intraduct papilloma

sclerosed intraduct papilloma - calcs
Detail of sclerosed intraduct papilloma with numerous coarse stromal calcs

Atypical lobular hyperplasia (ALH)

See also ALH.

ALH - calcs ALH - calcs
ALH with luminal calcs

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